How can I review my personal details held by Catch of the Day?


To view the personal information we have collected from you, simply login to your Catch of the Day account and visit the ‘My Account’ page. If any of the details on file need to be updated, you can do so by click the ‘edit’ button and amending as necessary. If you have any problems updating your personal details, please contact our Customer Service Team via email or LiveChat.

In addition, subject to our Privacy Policy you may make a request to receive any additional information we may hold about you, and we will provide this information to you within a reasonable time. When requesting such access please identify the precise type/s of information requested. You may make a request by contacting our Help Centre or by writing to us at: Privacy Inquiries c/o Legal Department, Catch of the Day, 767 Springvale Road, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170.

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