Can I change the shipping address on my order?


While your order is still in the "Payment Received" status (shown below), you are able to change your delivery details.

Please note: this is not applicable to Special Order or Personalised items. Please contact our Customer Service Team immediately if your Special Order item is being sent to the incorrect address.

However, after this period, we are unable to change the delivery address on your order. This is because your order is now prepared for dispatch from our warehouse and your address labels have already have been printed.

With millions of items going through our warehouse at a time, it is not feasible to allow any changes in this advanced stage.

If your order is still in the Payment Received status, you may alter your delivery address in the "My Orders" section after logging in to your Catch account.

If you wish to change your delivery address, please click on the "Edit address" button, which will then allow you to update your details for that particular order.

Please note: you can only change the delivery address to one within the same state, as the shipping cost will remain the same. If you need to change the address to a different state please contact our Customer Service team via Live Chat for immediate assistance.

If your items are undeliverable to the address listed, they will be returned to our warehouse. We will then be in contact with you to organise for your items to be either resent to your preferred address, or for your order to be refunded.

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