What does my order status mean?

Viewing the status of your order is easy, all you need to do it follow the instruction below:
  1. Go to www.catchoftheday.com.au
  2. Login using your email address and password, then click on 'My Account' and go to the 'My Orders' tab to view your entire order history.

From this page, you will be able to check how your orders are progressing. These are the 5 possible statuses that your order could be in:

    • Payment received - We have received your order request along with your PayPal payment and your order should be processed shortly for you.

    • Payment eWay - We have received your order request along with your Credit Card payment and your order should be processed shortly for you.

    • Processing - Your order has now been sent to the warehouse for packing and shipment (address labels are being printed, paper work is being gathered, etc.). Please refer toyour order confirmation email to check how long processing your order shouldtake.

    • Dispatched - The label for your order has been printed, your order has been packed and it is now on it's way with the tracking number (if applicable) that has been emailed to you.

  • Hold - The system may have found something wrong with your payment or your order was randomly selected for security checks.

For in stock items, we aim to get your order packed and dispatched within 9 days; however, we ask that you please wait 15 days to receive your delivery.
Why is my order on hold?
If your order status appears as HOLD on your order page, this means that our system has automatically flagged your order for a random security check. Please don’t panic – this is random and could happen to anyone.
Your order will be reviewed and if everything matches then we will push it through to be processed to ensure there is no delay with you receiving your goods.
We may email you for further information to ensure that you have knowingly placed the order.
If the on hold status appears for more than 48 hours then please click here and one of our customer service crew will look into it for you.
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